nHive now utilizes only web standards design to create
		  highly customized web sites quickly and effectively. We combine this
		  with full scale services including PHP scripting, Javascript, MySQL
		  Database, Flash Design, corporate identity design, and more.




Creative Digital Business Solutions

It’s about helping you succeed online.

There are numerous benefits for business's establishing their online presence. Advertising your product or service, showing potential customers your wares and allowing them to purchase immediately, doing test marketing, joining discussion groups with like-minded individuals, sourcing products, sending a monthly newsletter to customers, and linking with affiliated vendors are all part of what you can do with the Web. 

We produce sites that are w3c XHTML valid, w3c CSS Compliant and aspire to Section 508 of the rehabilitation act. What does this mean? We design sites for web standards and usability. We provide structural valid code that adheres to the strict codes and bylines. It guarantees a uniform display in all major browsers (internet explorer, netscape, firefox and opera) so you can be confident that all users can enjoy your web site without embarrassing display "issues". This includes other forms of browsers like, PDA’s, wireless devices, Braille readers and other specialized web environments, giving you that edge on your competitors.

By utilizing web standards design we create highly customized web sites quickly and more effectively. Web sites are more optimized for speed so your users wait less. The performance of your Web site is the most critical factor of its success. It also makes for search engine friendly sites, which increases your search engine placement giving you that organic advertising boost over your competitors. We believe in separating content from presentation and from function causing scalability, efficiency, and usability to increase while cost and maintenance to decrease. More over by utilizing web standards and usability your site will comply with U.S. laws and accessibility guidelines, and is prepared for future technologies.

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