nHive now utilizes only web standards design to create
		  highly customized web sites quickly and effectively. We combine this
		  with full scale services including PHP scripting, Javascript, MySQL
		  Database, Flash Design, corporate identity design, and more.




Who we are

Why do our clients love us?

We understand that the more time spent on a development project means more money spent by you, but we do not compromise quality when we create your web site by any means. Through a combination of extensive development experience and web standards compliance, we can create a completely customized web site for your business that you will be extremely happy with, and we will do this as efficiently as possible.

Through a very balanced mix of high functionality and high art and by combining diverse expertise in strategy, design and technology we create business solutions that excite and inspire, are easy to navigate, and enable businesses to strengthen their competitive advantage. Providing companies with opportunities to increase revenues and enhance productivity.

Whether its identity, branding, print, packaging, e-commerce, CRM, or full scale portal, accessibly, site optimization, search engine optimization, web based and database driven systems development, let us know how we can help you with your next project.

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Development Team

Todd Ballard is nHive's lead developer and designer. His skill set includes award winning graphic design, UI design, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Flash design, web site marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), database development, and server administration, to name a few. He will create your web presence entirely from the ground up, and assemble a team of experienced developers if necessary to complete the project. Below are his words.

Education and Experience - Todd Ballard

I have been developing and designing web sites for businesses since 1998. I went to Texas State University to study Communication Design. I like to broaden my knowledge and skill sets as much as possible, backed by a very strong design and technical skill set, this is why web development is my chosen field.

Artistically inclined from a young age, I gained an interest in computers (PCs) when they first began to become a common household acquisition. With the introduction of the internet and an online GUI (graphical user interface), my interest in computers and the web grew stronger every day.

I will never consider myself an expert in web development, as there is always more to learn. New technologies and standards are constantly being introduced every day, and the world of web development is a continuous learning process. I pride myself in keeping up with these new technologies and standards and staying refined in those that still exist. It is my desire for knowledge that fuels my passion for web design.

Design Philosophy - Todd Ballard

I strongly believe in web standards as a way of design in today's interenet, and I have adopted this methodology to govern my development practice. Not only does conforming to web standards, it generates a multi-browser compliant web site that can be viewed on everything from home pcs to cell phones and PDA's. It minimizes development time by decreasing the time needed for intensive backward-compatibility testing. It is more efficient design and is optimized for speed by its very nature.

Design Structure - Todd Ballard

I will design your site skeleton with a combination of XHTML for site content, CSS for design layout, styling and presentation, PHP for server side includes, scripting, and SQL database queries (if needed), and JavaScript for client-side scripting.